Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Well, the hustle dancing last night wasn't quite as scary as it could have been. It was good having lots of friends there, and the lesson was a bit more accessible than the ones I found there last summer (though the amount of actual stuff I ended up getting out of it was fairly small). The teacher was really good. He's the one who always makes me think that if you could personify a brick wall into a really good dancer, it would be him. He was great to watch, as were many of the people there. Somewhat intimidatingly so, actually. So I danced a few dances with my friends, watched a lot, and got tired early. I tire out faster with dances I'm not very good at, and it didn't help that I had been up earlier that morning and worked longer. Also, while I like hustle music in moderate doses, three or four hours of it is a bit much pounding for my brain to take. I was really pining for a nice, lyrical waltz by the end. Oh well. I'd like to go some more, and maybe gradually build up a small amount of competence, but I may also need to start taking my own car. Carpooling is great (thank you, Jeremy!), but staying until midnight is a bit much for me. Next week, though, I think I'll go to the VA dance.

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