Thursday, July 24, 2003

As Tina pointed out, they seem to have already taken down the listing for the job I got. I think they were going to be hiring multiple people for that position, so I must have been the last one. Anyway, like I said, it's a customer service job, and it involves things like troubleshooting users' problems, creating documentation, and keeping the engineers connected to what the users want/need. The ad used words like "excellent," "passionate," and "escalate," which sound a bit overly glamorous, but whatever. I think it will be good.

Meanwhile, of course, I'm still finishing up the current temp job. Today I got one delay taken care of, which allowed me to finally get 8,000 letters in the mail. That was a relief -- that cubicle just wasn't big enough for the 8,001 of us. Now, though, I'm stuck waiting on something else. I've done basically everything I can do for the next project short of actually getting it done, while we wait for some lollygagger somewhere to get a letter approved. We don't know when that will be, so they sent me home today for a three day weekend. Normally I'd be a bit annoyed at that (at not getting paid and the tossing around of temps, not at the vacation) but since I know I'll have a better, longer job soon, I don't mind so much. And I can always find something good to do with my time.

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