Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Today was actually as good a day as could be expected, given the current temp job. I felt clever for finally figuring out why we had been having such trouble with the printer. Also, having a new person there with me makes it much easier to face down 8,000 envelopes. Also, I discovered the break room -- complete with ice cream bars -- hidden away in the back of the office. (No one ever thinks to tell temps about these things.) Also, my supervisor is getting in to work earlier this week, which means I can, too. This is good because it means I can make up the time I'll lose for my phone interview (!) on Thursday, plus I can go home at a nicer time in the evenings. For this week, anyway.

There was another dance-dilemma for me in deciding where to go tonight. Dance events seem to be just landing right on top of each other these days. The debate this time was between the Hustle club in Campbell and the VA Hospital dance that George and Tina and I went to a lot last summer. Then George also pointed out that there's swing dancing to be had at Swing Central on Tuesday nights, too. So many choices. But the first two were the main contenders. I'm trying the hustle tonight to see if it scares me as much as it did last summer (the people there are in an entirely different world of hustle, far beyond me). But I want to go back to the VA dances again once in a while, too. Maybe next week.

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