Thursday, March 20, 2003

War. I don't really know what to say about it. Part of me says I can never approve of attacking anyone like this. But part of me says who am I to think I know better than the leaders of our country, when my knowledge of the situation comes from watching half an hour of news in the evenings after work? But then of course, who do our leaders think they are to know better than the other members of the U.N. that disagree? What would America think of, say, France if they were attacking and we were opposed? Would they get away with it? Bush claims to have been "reluctant" to attack, but that's a bit hard to swallow, since it seems like he would have had plenty of reasons not to. He also mentioned the "honorable and decent spirit of the American military." Now, I don't deny that we've got a lot of decent and honorable people over there, who are fighting because they honestly believe they are doing the right thing, but I still have trouble associating those words with an entity that kills people, for whatever reason. The best you can say about a war, I think, is that it's strictly necessary. Honor and decency don't enter into it. Are you being forced to kill people or are there alternatives? And it seems to me that, as long as other nations thought there were alternatives, that's enough hope to postpone war. But, like I said, what do I know? War is confusing.

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