Friday, March 07, 2003

Uh oh. This is starting to look ominous. Now I've got two people behind me, which uses up all the normal seating places in this cube (i.e. 3 corners -- the fourth is left open for an entrance). On Monday we're going to be sticking someone on the side, between two of us. The other available side has filing cabinets. Then sometime after that they want to put yet another person in here. Ack. Maybe I'll be gone before it gets that full. I hope so. Because otherwise I'm going to get bumped out and stuck in between my supervisor and the other person in her cube, which is one of the noisier, more trafficky places around here. That would be horrid -- it's practically part of the hallway there, and she's nice but I would probably go insane if I were in such close proximity to her for very long. Maybe I could just go hide in a cupboard out of the way somewhere. But I'm being a good little temp and not complaining, since I know I'll at least be able to save myself from the impending suffocation, which is more than the permanent employees can do.

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