Saturday, March 08, 2003

The Testimony show was quite good. I was especially proud of Tina, who was the one giving the testimony tonight which means she had to talk for a long time in front of a lot of people. She did a very good job, though. Yay Tina! As much fun as the concert was, though, sitting still for that long gave all my tiredness from last night a chance to catch up to me. So I felt pretty un-contra-y and just came home for an early bed.

Tomorrow I'm going to Monterey with housemates Niels, Sarah, Cheryl, possibly Micheal and probably not Daniel. The plan is to go whale watching in the morning and then to the Aquarium in the afternoon. Those were some of the things Niels wanted to make sure to do during his three months in the U.S. Should be fun.

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