Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I got the job! Talk about fast turn-around time. My first phone interview was less than a week ago. My real, in person, interview was only yesterday. It actually felt like about the best interview I've ever had, and I guess it was, since it got the quickest and best response. So I'm pretty happy. Wow. I get to work at Google... I get to work with the Blogger team... this is so cool. Sorry I haven't been posting much about it here. Ordinarily I would have, but since it's a blogger job and the interviewers would therefore be looking at my blog, I figured it was best to just not mention it. But now that everything's sorted out, I can say a bit more. The job listing is here if you want to see it. It's basically a customer service support sort of job. It's temp-to-hire, so I'll work on a contract basis for a few months and if everything goes well, I'll eventually go permanent. I'm starting a week from Monday, on August 4th. It'll be fun to be back at Google again, this time in a job I'm excited about (as opposed to filing papers for the legal department). Yay! Thank you to everyone who helped out with Google contacts, giving encouragement and just generally rooting for me. You're all wonderful.

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