Sunday, July 10, 2005


Me on a Bridge I spent a couple days at Miriam's place in Philadelphia after we got back from England. There was a bit too much groggy recovery time in those two days to actually see much of the city, but we did spend a lot of time in Fairmount Park, which, I think, was exactly what I needed. It's a beautiful park, and just walking through the woods there relaxed and rejuvenated me more than anything else had in a long while. A very good place.

On Thursday, inspired by Scotland, we took a shot at making shortbread from a recipe online. Brown sugar shortbread, no less, which I had once years ago and loved. It ended up within shouting distance of actual shortbread, at least, though not necessarily recognizable as such if you didn't know ahead of time what it was supposed to be. Still good though. That night we ate crêpes at Le Beau Monde (where the job description for the waitresses must have prominently featured the term "quirky") and then went swing dancing at the Tokio Ballroom. That was fun but jet lag had me zonked out pretty early.

Notes of interest only to Liz Carroll fans:
  • I found Wissahickon Avenue and Wissahickon Creek but not Wissahickon Drive. So close.
  • We also passed a Wingohocking Street. I should write a tune for that to go with Wissahickon Drive.

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Stephen said...

Notes of interest only to Liz Carroll fans:

On the way up from the previous post, I started reading the notes without seeing that part and was completely confused...

I was sitting there trying to figure out if you meant it as some joke, like, "wish a hick can drive" or something, and then I noticed the actual title for the notes. I'll look up this person and figure that out, one day.