Thursday, July 14, 2005

Google Picnic

Evil Death Ferris Wheel Well, I thought last year's picnic was big, but this event just keeps getting more like a carnival every year. Heck, there was even a ferris wheel, not to mention a crazy scary evil death ferris wheel ride (remind me not to let Kimmy talk me into any more roller coasters in the future). Something I liked more than getting flung around upside down was the spin art booth. Spin Art You would put a piece of paper in a holder that spun it around really fast as you dripped paint on it. There were lots of neat designs from that. Other fun things were a kite performance, twister, contortionists, and a swing band (though I only got to dance a couple of songs). It was a good afternoon. Plus, I remembered sun screen this time, so I didn't toast myself. Yay!


AdamTest said...

I was just really envious of the really big slide. That looked like so much fun!

Kimmy said...

It wasn't that bad was it? hehe. Only a minor heart attack.

Tandava said...

Of course it was scary. See?