Tuesday, September 23, 2003


I went to O-Show tonight (a capella and dance groups performing for the incoming freshmen). I've been there more as a non-student now than I ever did when I was actually officially allowed to be there (not that anyone checks, of course). It was fun to hear Testimony sing again, though a bit sad to think that a lot of them are leaving the group this year and this was the last time I'd hear them performing together. It seems like it just won't be the same without Kari and Justin and Eric and the other people I've grown attached to. But I'm sure Tina will find a way to build up a strong, new group. Yay Testimony!

Someone decided to put Fleet Street first in the program this year, which I thought was a bit strange. Pray to the God of Partial Credit just seems like the best traditional ending song for this show, so it was weird to hear it first. Oh well.

I considered going to most of Swing Central after the show tonight, but gave up on that idea pretty quickly. I keep meaning to go back there. Next week, I guess. Hmm... this means that by the time Saturday's contradance rolls around, I'll have gone two weeks without dancing. That's a lot for me these days. But I'll be alright. :-)

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