Saturday, September 20, 2003

Bookaholics Anonymous

Mom and I had an excellent time at the library book sale this morning. We got there right when it started and spent about 2 1/2 hours there. Library sales are great because they're so much cheaper even than used book stores. I got 13 books for $8, including Letters of C.S. Lewis, Way of the Peaceful Warrior (which I used to have, and shouldn't have gotten rid of), a couple of the Provence books by Peter Mayle, an Edward Gorey book, and more. I wish they sold bookcases at these things, too. I'm definitely starting to need another one, even a small one. Mom got a pretty decent stack of books as well.

So after walking home, cooling down and having lunch, what did we decide to do? Go to Borders! Yes we're silly, but experienced bibliophiles can always cram more books into a day. The first book I picked up there cost three times as much as all 13 I had gotten this morning, but we had a nice time just browsing around for a bit without needing to buy any more.

I suppose I could squeeze in another bookstore or two today still, but for now I think I will content myself with looking at my new stack and feeling rich in books.

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