Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Library Life

Coming into the library tonight I saw stacks upon stacks of boxes outside the main entrance -- all full of books, ready for the annual book sale this weekend. I find this very exciting. I love library book sales and I remember that Menlo Park's last year was a good one. Mom and I are going to be out here first thing Saturday morning. Bookwormness is definitely an inherited trait.

The computer lab here was absolutely packed for a while. We only have nine computers, but we don't usually have to use them all. Unfortunately, we're reminded on nights like tonight why we really need to replace a couple of the ones we don't generally use. The Power Mac 5200 is so old and slow that it's literally useless for a lot of our programs. So I spent a little while tonight just figuring out how best to arrange people between the slow Macs, the PC (which we don't have as many programs for) and the iMacs (which do pretty much what we want them to). By now a couple people have left and the rest are working happily so there's not much to do.

Our new local celebrity here is Georgina, who got interviewed for an article about East Palo Alto in the Palo Alto Weekly (she's in the last six or so paragraphs). There was even a picture of her, Dani, and her two other daughters, but that's not in the online version. The funniest part of the article was the last line. They spent an hour interviewing her and that was what they decided to use. That cracked us up. No, I'm not going to tell you what it was. You have to read the article.

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