Sunday, June 29, 2003

Well, Friday night turned out to be a somewhat long and difficult one for me, so I wasn't in very good shape to do much of anything yesterday. I still went to part of the contra, just because I really wanted to hear Driving with Fergus play. They sounded really good, and I even saw a couple Waltz Week people there, but I didn't last very long. I was back home and asleep before the dance was even over. Oh, and I found out last night that the rumors I had heard were true: the YWCA will be closing at the end of August, so dances like the Palo Alto contra and Friday Night Waltz will have to find new homes. If anyone knows of any other good places for dances, we're taking suggestions.

Today I've got several errands to run, plus clean up and organizing to do in my room, which has fallen into disrepair over the last week. There will probably be napping involved, as well. And music, I hope. Listening to Lúnasa CDs yesterday and Driving with Fergus at the dance made me want to play some Irish tunes. I need to start going to sessions again sometime.

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