Friday, January 24, 2003

This house is very cool in a cluttered sort of way. You never know what you might find here. I just pulled an accordion and a 5-string banjo out from behind some boxes of old magazines in the guest room. Daniel's had them there for 20 years, and he said I could play them if I wanted to. I can't get into the banjo case, unfortunately, since it seems to have locked itself somehow and I very much doubt Daniel will be able to find the key. And even if I did get into it, I'd have to learn to play a 5-string (as opposed to a tenor, which is what I usually play). But that could be fun. Meanwhile, I've been playing a bit with the accordion. It's in pretty good shape, though there are a few keys that sound flat or silent when the bellows are going a particular way. I was playing some slow tunes and trying to figure out the left hand part (that's the bit that's not like a piano) and it was really rather fun. I'd like to be able to play accordion better, though it's not like I need another instrument or anything.... Maybe I'll just noodle around with it on days when I don't feel like playing piano. The accordion also triggered a memory of learning a very nice waltz, which I have since forgotten. It was from Bread and Tulips (a very good movie, by the way). The lead actress did her own accordion playing for the one or two scenes involving an accordion, and she played a very nice Italian waltz in G minor. When it came out on DVD I got it from the library just so I could learn the tune. I may have to do that again if I keep blanking out on it.

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