Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Another day at Google. I got a badge today that will let me into buildings, so I'm a little more official now and I don't have to get other people to let me in. I'm moderately amused by the fact that Google already decided once that they didn't want to give me a job and yet here I am anyway, with a Google badge, a Google e'mail address and working in the Google building looking at confidential Google files. Not remotely the same sort of job, of course, but still. I also saw Deb today, when I went to the main building to get the above-mentioned badge. I had forgotten that she was the receptionist there, so that was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and there's one other thing: apparently everyone will be gone this Thursday and Friday for a company ski trip, so it's still to be figured out if I'll be able to go in and work. I could take the time off, but I get plenty of time off between temp assignments. As long as I'm not the one going on the trip, I'd prefer to be working and getting paid. We'll see.

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