Sunday, July 31, 2005

Third Time's the Charm

So, yeah. I started Harry Potter 6 again. Eric C. loaned me the audio book version, though, so I get to "read" it that way now. There's still an important clue that I vaguely remembered and wanted to verify, though somehow I missed it entirely on my second (admittedly fast) reading. It's neat to hear Jim Dale reading it, too. He won an award of some sort for his reading of book 5, with something like 134 separate character voices in it. Neat. He does do a good job at that, though I'd say he could use a bit more pitch variation when it comes to the female characters and the kids. Ginny in particular seems to have a surprisingly deep voice for a 15 year old girl. Oh well. It's fun.


Stephen said...

Well, you're an adult male, you've got your adam's apple, right? How good are you at making a 15-year-old girl's voice? It's not easy! Like I've said, I haven't done any of the HP books yet, but if he really did 134 voices for the last one, that guy's really got something going and no one should complain about him!

That said, I think it would be nice to have a female reader as a backup for when the girl characters in books talk. Or if the lead reader is a girl, then a male backup for the guys. It might be startling to hear the abrupt change, though.

Stephen said...

I like your new comment system there mister. Good job.

Tandava said...

Well, even adult males have lower, middle and upper registers, not to mention falsettos. Sometimes, just the relative range is enough, if not the absolute. There are definitely male readers who, while they might not sound literally like women, are good enough that you don't notice the discrepancy. Richard Matthews (one of my favorites) comes to mind.

But still, Jim Dale is quite good and can do a lot of neat things with his voice. His Hagrid, Snape and Dumbledore, for instance, are great. It's mostly the kids that don't quite work for me.

Also, for anyone who's interested, the comment trick is here.

Stephen said...

Thanks for adding comment trick info.

That part is where backup readers could come into play. :)
You're right about people not sounding the same. Just look at Barry White!!

Haha! I'm in your comment names post! I rule!
Now watch it magically change tomorrow... ;)