Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A Silver Grahamiversary

I think 25 will be good age. It still sounds older than I'm used to feeling, but it'll be okay soon. It's just a good number, too. It's funny, the effect numbers can have. Twenty-two was a good year -- a power number, not to mention an Emperor-Fool number. Twenty-three was rough, though. Not only odd, but prime, and very unstable. A lot of difficult stuff happened that year, and a lot of changes. Twenty-four, though was very different. A much more stable number, with a very solid feeling, having so many factors. My life stabilized immensely over this last year as well, in various ways. And now I'm at 25, an odd number, but a square. I'm not sure yet how that will work out. It has a very pointed, determined feel to it, as if it has two feet planted firmly on the ground, and yet reaches as far as it can towards some lofty ideal.

Birthdays for me are times for reviewing and taking stock of life, and noticing what I'm learning. I don't think I'll do as detailed a recap of this last year as I did on my previous birthday but still, a few highlights are in order.

My angel card for this last year was Abundance, and it certainly turned out to be an abundant year for me, in many ways. The most obvious example would, of course, be my wonderful new job -- my first permanent one ever. And the job then has allowed for my new year's resolution, which has shown that giving money away is every bit as much an affirmation of abundance as receiving it.

I've had an amazing abundance of learning this year, as well, which always makes me happy. There's been shape note singing, Tuvan throat singing (sort of), Rubik's cube solving, a lucid dreaming class, West Coast swing, and more books of all sorts than I can shake a stick at. Just the way I like it.

Other wonderfulness in my life from this last year has included a piano to get me playing again, a spiffy new computer, the ever-glorious Camp Harmony, and my first ever trip to New York. I could go on with many other examples, big and small.

So it's been a good year for learning to notice and appreciate and create abundance in all forms. For this coming year, the Angel Card I've drawn is Power. A good card for 25, I think. It'll be an interesting concept to start focusing my awareness on for a while.


AdamTest said...

Congrats, Graham, on both your birthday and the West Coast learning! And since so many folks are typically whining or apprehensive about 'the big quarter-century birthday,' it's very refreshing to read your upbeat take on it.

(Oh, and regarding one of your earlier entries... I agree with you that shuffling legal papers is boring; I was a legal secretary before going off to grad school, and it clinched my determination NEVER to be a lawyer or law clerk, etc. :D)

Rachel said...

i really thought my boyfriend was the only dancing, fiddle playing throat singer enthusist around!