Friday, June 25, 2004

Costa Rica

It's official! I'm going to visit Quena in Costa Rica! I had been thinking I would go sometime in October, but then Lacey decided she wanted to come along too, which will make things even more fun. So we moved it up considerably so she won't miss any school. We're going to be gone August 25th through September 5. (And actually, Lacey will be staying a bit longer on her own.) This will be my first time out of the country in about 11 years, so that will be exciting. And we get to see Quena! Yay!


Lacey said...

Not fair! You beat me to posting the news! I suppose it's because I bought your ticket first. :P I'm soooooo excited!

AdamTest said...

That is so awesome that you're going to Costa Rica! It's a gorgeous country with very friendly and kind people. I do advise that you avoid spending too much time in the capital, which -- like many capital cities -- isn't all that pretty. Oh, and bring powerful bug repellant! :O

That stuff aside, I hope you leave some time just for some lounging on the beach and possibly snorkeling if you're into that sort of thing. So relaxing!

Oh yeah, and take lots of pictures. And check out my Costa Rica pics in the meantime :)

Quena said...

Wheeeeee!!! Quena soooo excited!!