Thursday, June 17, 2004

Reviewing Stuph

So the Weblog Review decided to review my blog. It got a 4/5 (with an extra quarter of a point because I'm a TMBG fan) and a summary of "a nice blog by a nice guy." Not a particularly gripping tagline, that, but oh well. It was interesting reading a review by a complete stranger. He obviously read (or at least skimmed) an immense amount of my blog, which is impressive, but he definitely pulled out different things to focus on than I would have. And I think he was too impressed with my template (which is mostly just a Blogger default). But still, I was amused, in an egocentric kind of way.


Anonymous said...

We are impressed by clean clear templates because you should SEE some of the stuff that comes across our (cyber) desk to review!

You will excuse me now, I plan to lurk about in your archives.... ;-)

Reviewer at Weblog Review

Juka said...

Wow, cool! Your blog does indeed contain many interesting links as well as more content than many of the other existing blogs (including mine :-P). Congrats! Did you submit your blog to be reviewed, or did they find it independently?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sounds like you may have my blog confused with another one. I don't have many links.
My diary can be found at:

And yes, I submitted my site, and am about 7th in line to be reviewed. I was enjoying the other stuff on Weblog Review so much, I signed up to be a reviewer. I am now addicted to it. :-) I await my own review with fear and trembling!

Anonymous said...

Not everyone takes the time to setup and/or implement a template properly. As Yetzirah very accurately noted, we see a lot of ... crap. So, seeing a site that is easy to read and navigate gets a lot of kudos from many of the reviewers. Cheers.
~obz (TMBGs fan)