Monday, June 28, 2004

Call Me Morpheus

I've recently been doing a series of how-to articles on Blogger Hacks -- cool tricks you can use to get Blogger to do spiffy new things. This week, I got to write a guest column about them all for Blogger Knowledge. Check it out: Hacking the Blogger Matrix.

Update: This is turning into a fairly popular article. It even showed up on BoingBoing. There was also a WebUser UK article about it, though I was rather disappointed in how they referred to it as hacking into Blogger, which sounds rather more evil than anything I intended. Anyway, it's fun to see people noticing and commenting on it.

Disclaimer: While I do appreciate all the comments and emails from people about this, I will probably not be able to respond to them all. Also, please note that I don't take requests for particular hacks, or for tech support. (If you have general Blogger/BlogSpot questions, please check out, or write to Blogger Support.)


Cantwell Carson said...

I've actually been working on something almost identical. You may end up with the "suggestion" that I sent google, but I thought I'd post here just in case. I set up a test blog and am trying to build an imitation command line interface. I'm not terribly good, so, while it works, it doesn't work well. Let me know if you want the code. the site is at

Have fun.


Allan said...

hey i've change my blog's look. my design is base on the FRIENDSTER because im a friendster fanatic. so what can u say about my blog? thanks!

mmChronic said...

I have written a javascript hack to add 'On This Day' functionality to Blogger and have written a how-to here.

There are a couple of other sites using it already and they reported it was nice and easy to implement. I've submitted it to the link on your article too - but noticed people were using this thread to highlight stuff so me too! :)

Fabricio said...

I have made one little hacking on my blogger template, cause I wanted to show my Orkut profile link right below the Blogger profile inside the profile box. I am using the Douglas Bowman's "Rounders 2" template (

What I have done was a Javascript function that runs on onLoad body event and modifies the DOM inserting another link on the portion of HTML generated by the tag <$BlogMemberProfile$>. I have opted in using this approach instead of replace the <$BlogMemberProfile$> tag with the hardcoded html so I don't have to change the template again in case someday I would update my Blogger profile information, and to have some hacking fun, obviously... So, here's the code:

function modifyProfileBox(){
var profilecontainer = document.getElementById("profile-container");
profilecontainer.getElementsByTagName("p")[0].getElementsByTagName("a")[0].firstChild.nodeValue="View my Blogger profile";
var p = document.createElement("p");
var a = document.createElement("a");
a.setAttribute("href", "");
a.appendChild(document.createTextNode("View my Orkut profile"));

This function actually changes the text "View my complete profile" to "View my Blogger profile", and append another profile link. I had the help of Mozilla DOM Inspector Tool to find the correct id =)

Fabricio said...
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Matthew said...

Hey Graham... you away of any way to provide a link on a page to just the latest blog entry? I have my own main page with links to several blogs from it. I'd like to be able to use some sort of INCLUDE statement that would have the title and link to the most recent entry.


yourwaitress said...

great article graham. i am definitley not a "hacker" more of a tweaker. however, i would love to find a way to add a favicon to my blogspot. any chance this is even possible? all the other cool kids have them, and darn it , i want one. actually, i have one all ready to go, just waiting for someone to show me the way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.