Monday, June 21, 2004

Well Waltzed

DipWaltz Weekend was good. I didn't actually learn a whole lot of new stuff, but it was fun to meet and dance with a lot of new people, and I was very glad to get to see and dance with Jessica again, too. I also worked out some new cross-step waltz stuff on my own, with some variations on a matador position move, so that was kind of cool. I finally sat down and read through Richard's "complete" list of 62 cross-step moves and found that I know pretty much all of them (not the hovercraft move, though) so I guess it's just time to start inventing more.

Brave Combo last night was absolutely fantastic. They are so much fun to dance to. Highlights included a hyper-speed polka, sailing smoothly around the room with Tina while various other frantic couples flailed past us, and an absolutely gorgeous last waltz with Jessica to a tune that just make me want to melt.

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Anonymous said...

looking for the information on Richard's "complete" list of 62 cross-step where can I find them. e-mail please. I don't know how to use this blog thing yet.....