Monday, June 07, 2004

West Coast Study Buddies

I went back to The Dance Spectrum last night for some West Coast Swing, this time with Susanna. The lesson was better than last time, with a few nice sugar-push variations, and then we stayed for the entire dance afterwards. It was awesome having Susanna there -- I learned far more than when I was there by myself last month. She would go off and dance with all the really good leaders there and then come back and find me periodically to show me things they had led so we could figure out how to do them. I can dance with good followers, but I don't really learn much from them, because they're restricted to what I know (aside from adding extra styling). So it was really great to have a "spy" to send over to the other side and bring back new tricks. We actually managed to reverse engineer a lot of moves, so that was really cool. I wrote several of them down when I got home, so hopefully I'll even retain them.

Aside from the first-Sunday WCS dances, The Dance Spectrum also has drop-in beginning and intermediate classes every Monday. So I might want to try going to some of those at some point. Not tonight, but soon maybe.

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