Saturday, June 12, 2004

Clearly a Nuthatch

I was talking with Susanna about associations the other day. We each have colors that we associate in our minds with certain letters or numbers, and interestingly enough, a lot of them match. I have a similar thing where I pair certain colors with musical keys, and I also associate particular keys and colors with people. Susanna's version of that, as a bird watcher, is to have particular species of birds that she associates with different people. She gave a couple examples, and then, naturally, I asked what kind of bird I would be. Without a pause, she said "Oh, you're clearly a nuthatch." That completely cracked me up.


Quena said...

Hehehehehehe. A Nuthatch eh? What sort of bird is a nuthatch exactly. If it´s like you I´m sure it´s a good one :-)

Borden said...

Nuthatches are cool. They are the only bird that can walk down a tree -- headfirst. For more precise info, check out