Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Tunes I Want to Write

I got to hear Nightingale play at a house concert tonight. I always love hearing them. This concert was pretty heavily weighted towards their third CD, which was good since I don't know that CD as well, though I missed a lot of my favorites from the earlier CDs. Mostly, though, I came away wanting to write tunes again. Keith and Jeremiah both come up with some really nice ones. Unique and interesting enough to be worth writing, but still fun and fiddle-y enough to blend nicely with the traditional tunes and songs they do. That's about what I want to aim for.

Update: I just went and looked at Nightingale's website (it was down last night when I posted the link above, so I couldn't check it). And on the front page it says "Nightingale -- at the elusive balancing point between tradition and innovation." Which is precisely what I like about their tunes and what I was trying to get at when I titled this post. So I guess they're doing a good job of finding that balancing point.


Borden said...

Ooooo, are they also playing for a dance?!?! One of the more memorable contra dances I have been to was Nightengale playing at Ashkenez some six(??) years ago.

Tandava said...

I got to dance to them last time they were out here, and yeah, it's a lot of fun. Not this time, unfortunately. However, they're doing some dance weekend out here with Hillbillies from Mars in January. I expect that will be awesome. What a combination.