Thursday, September 15, 2005

One Ring Zero

One Ring Zero is the latest band in the Interesting New Music Department for me, thanks to Miriam this time. One description of them refers to "the sort of 19th-century, gypsy-klezmer, circus-flea-cartoon music you mainly hear in your dreams." I don't know if that's precisely how I would have put it, but I suppose it's as good as anything. These guys collect weird instruments and mix accordions with claviolas with theremins, with random toys or pieces of machinery that just happen to make interesting sounds. Neat. On their latest album, As Smart As We Are, they asked various authors to write lyrics for them, which ORZ then set to music. Interesting concept. I especially liked "Radio," the Lemony Snicket one. There were also songs from Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Dave Eggers, and a bunch of authors I didn't recognize.

Anyway, this is another in a series of inspirations I've been getting recently in terms of wanting to write more music. I should do something about that.

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