Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lindy Lessons

So I did sign up for some of Kevin & Carla's classes at Swing Central, and the beginning/intermediate lindy hop series started tonight. I opted for that one rather than intermediate/advanced since I think they've got a rather different style than I'm used to, so I wanted to try to get a better intro to that. We didn't actually do much lindy hop tonight, but just dived right into charleston stuff. I don't know if that's going to be a theme for this series or not (each time through the series is different) but I hope we get to other types of stuff too. Kevin and Carla are fun teachers. I don't know if Carla had been drinking a lot of coffee beforehand or if she's always like that, but she was zippy. And they're both funny.

I didn't stick around for the dance after the class tonight, which is kind of too bad because there's a live band tonight. But I'm just too tired. It's been a long day, and the morning alone was a day in itself, involving car repairs, paying lots of money for car repairs, navigating bus routes to work, escaping from disguised buses that changed their numbers when I wasn't looking and took me to the wrong place, and eventually walking the last mile or two to work. Argh. So I'm going to bed early tonight.

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AdamTest said...

Ah, so cool that you're taking a K&C class! They're indeed lots of fun and quite thorough. Also, Carla is just dreamy to dance with! (surprise surprise, eh?)

Amusingly, Graham, it almost seems like you and I have at least temporarily switched roles. I haven't taken a swing class in months, but I just started an intermediate-advanced cross-step waltz class with Richard and Angela (the class description listed only 'social dance experience' as a prerequisite... oops!)

Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing you out at Swing Central or the new Sunnyvale Wednesday night venue one of these days.