Saturday, April 02, 2005

Friday Fool's Waltz

The April Fool's dance for Friday Night Waltz last night was a lot of fun. Almost every single dance, aside from the Congresses of Vienna, was silly. (And we really need to get Brave Combo to record a version of Congress of Vienna, so that can be silly, too.) Silly songs are not always the most danceable, but some of them are, and the rest were worth it just to have a fun, unusual evening.

I was extremely happy to get to waltz to Faraway Cookies with Jean, swing to Tutti Fruitti with Kari, and sing along to Under the Sea with Eric. Other good songs I hadn't heard before included In the Mood, sung entirely by squawking chickens, and the Safe Sex Waltz (extolling the virtues of chocolate). The Hamster Dance polka at the end with Eric was also great -- I can't remember the last time I flew that fast around a dance floor.

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