Friday, November 21, 2003

Blogging in Motion

I spent the end of the day at work today packing up. (This is where you start wondering if I got fired... and this is where I let you stew for a little bit... and... okay, on with the story.) The people in our building are the first to be moving to our new location, just down the street. It'll be a little sad to be separated from everybody else (especially our chef) until the move is complete (I don't know how long that will take). But it's sort of fun to get to move to a new place and imagine what it will be like, and they assure us we'll still get decent food. And some people are getting pretty excited about the fancy toilets we're going to have there. Probably not the first thing I would have thought of when looking for perks in an office building, but whatever. We'll be there on Monday, so we'll see what the place is like. (I will probably spare you a detailed review of the toilets, though.)

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