Sunday, April 20, 2003

Well, I've had a lovely Easter weekend. Lacey's actually been down from Oregon for a few days visiting Mom, so I went up to Berkeley to see them yesterday. We went out to see A Mighty Wind, which was absolutely hilarious. It's another Christopher Guest film, along the lines of Spinal Tap, and Best in Show, but this one's about folk music, so we were just dying to see it. And it certainly lived up to expectations. I even rather enjoyed some of the music, though Mom disagrees a bit on that point, since a lot of it was deliberately quite hokey, of course. A definite plus was that a lot of the cast seemed to be actual musicians. I had been a bit worried that it would be so obviously faked as to be distracting, but they were pretty good for the most part. Lots of fun.

We spent a lot of today at Rossmoor, with various relatives. I went along to church with the churching-types among us, before we got the Waldon-side together for brunch. This is not the sort of thing I usually do, so I may have more to say about it a bit later. It was certainly a delight to see Grandpa Marsh out of the wheelchair again. And he and Grandma Jackie already have another trip planned, which I think is wonderful. There's just no stopping them :-)

Ooh -- and Mom also gave me a huge box full of session tapes that she's getting rid of. There's all sorts of stuff in there. There are some Lark in the Morning tapes from as far back as 1982 at least (I haven't looked at everything in there yet). So I've got a fun project ahead of me. Most of them will probably be tossed eventually, but I'll want to listen to them all and see which ones are worth keeping. This will a fairly long-term project, I think.

Happy Easter, everybody!

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