Wednesday, April 02, 2003

We just had our first official house meeting, at least since I've lived here. It was interesting partly just because we so rarely have all of us together at the same time. We should have gotten a photograph. There's only five of us right now, of course, since we still haven't gotten someone new for Niels' room. Anyway, we were mostly talking about what to do with the common areas to make them more usable. Don't scoff -- the general consensus is that it might not be entirely hopeless. Mostly we need to set up some sort of electronics workshop for Daniel, since he's got the dining room taken over (did anyone even know we had a dining room? no, because you can't tell) and then that sort of overflows into other areas of the house. Then Cheryl and Sarah are going to be in charge of reorganizing the kitchen and even making some of it look nice. Micheal and I will provide slave labor as needed in the various endeavors. We've got some good plans, so we'll see how it all works out. It will probably be a pretty gradual process, though.

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