Friday, December 06, 2002

I went by the Stanford Craft Fair briefly today. I always enjoy looking around at everyone's creativity. I saw Carol Attia there, and talked with her for a bit while I helped her set up her booth. It's somewhat comforting to still be liked by Miriam's parents.

There was also an extra concert today in the Wednesday noon concert series in Braun. It was some of George Barth's piano students playing. One piece I particularly liked was a Bartok suite (op. 14). But the real excitement came at the end, when the last student brought in a violinist and a cellist to do the first movement of a Mendelssohn trio (op. 49, D minor). About 3/4 of the way through, the cellist's bow broke. The wood literally just snapped, up near the tip. He just sat there looking stunned at all the horsehair flowing so freely over his strings, while the other two found a nearby cadence for a pit stop. They eventually borrowed a bow and finished off the movement, but it must have been awful for the cellist. I'd be upset if my bow broke and it's not even very expensive. His was probably a really good one.

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