Sunday, December 15, 2002

Grr. I want to play piano but Braun is closed. I managed to find an unlocked door and snuck in yesterday, so I thought I might be in luck again today, but no. They'll be open next week but only 9 - 5, and I'm going to be working then. Phooey. It's very frustrating, since I've been on a real roll with piano practicing recently. I suppose I can always play here, but our piano isn't as good and I have to work around 5 housemates and the TV and everything. Oh well. I'll do something. I'm starting to learn a Chopin waltz now that I've loved for a long time: Op. 69 No. 2, B minor. I've been working on my sight-reading a lot, too, since it's something useful I can do on my own even though I'm not taking lessons right now. I think I'm going to be wanting lessons again soon, though.

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