Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Swinging Nordic* Trip

I just got plane tickets for my next trip! Miriam and I are going to Sweden and Finland this summer, June 21 - July 8. The idea started with me wanting to go to the Herräng swing dance camp, and evolved into a plan roughly as follows:
  • Arrive in Stockholm around Midsummer festival time. Weekend there.
  • Ferry to Helsinki, a couple days there.
  • Day trip out to Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Go up to Ikaalinen (near Tampere) for some of the International Accordion Festival.
  • Back to Sweden for Herräng Week 1 (of 4).
  • Back to U.S. with maybe a couple days in New York.
I'm open to any other suggestions and tips anyone has for us as well.

- - - - -
* While not complicated enough to merit something like the British Isles Venn Diagram, I did learn something recently about the categorization of countries. "Scandinavian" actually only refers to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It's "Nordic" if you also want to include Finland and Iceland.


Anonymous said...

I think you need some kind of travel visa or something to go to Estonia. If I remember correctly from my time in Helsinki, you needed to get it 24 hrs before departure. We didn't ever make the trip so I'm not sure what the requirement is, but you should investigate so you don't miss out.

Check out the Finnish Science Center, Heureka, while you're in Helsinki. Lots of cool stuff there.

Tandava said...

I haven't noticed anything about a visa for Estonia in the guidebooks yet, but I'll be sure to look that up specifically when I get a chance. And thanks for the tip about the Science Center!