Friday, March 03, 2006

The Living Room Wall

When I posted those last pictures of my apartment, I noted that the living room wall was likely to be turned into an art project of some sort. Well, here's the plan for it. It's sort of a multi-level thing, so I'll try to describe it bottom-up.

Start with many (dozens of) small pictures, about 2x2 inches square. Each picture can be anything at all: probably lots of drawings, also quotes or other bits of text, printed-out photos or other images, etc. Then put each picture on a slightly larger (3x3) square of colored paper for a frame. I'm going to go for mostly a medium-dark green, with some occasional dark blues thrown in. Maybe other colors later. Then take all of those and put them up making large patterns across the whole wall. The individual tiles will look like this. The overall pattern I'm thinking of will start out something like this and expand.

The idea is that the wall as a whole will have the appearance of a large tapestry or mural or something, and everything will be tied together by the common colors on the paper backing. But when you zoom in closer, there are many many more fascinating little details. Plus, it can be an ongoing project, so it can just grow organically for as long as I want to keep it up.

"But why," I hear you ask, "should you have all the fun, Graham?" Excellent question. And in fact, if any of you are feeling artsy and want to play along at home, I will happily take contributions. Just create something 2x2 inches square (3x3 if you really must have more space, but I'm trying to keep it small), and send it to me. I'll put it on the colored paper to match everything else and find it a place on the wall. As for what to put on it, just be creative. If you think there's a remote possibility that I'll like it or find it interesting, then it's fair game.

So that's the plan. I'll post more pictures as it goes along.


Lacey said...

Cool! Can they be 3-D? :)

Tandava said...

Well, I would prefer to keep this two dimensional, for the most part. If you have something specific in mind, let me know and I'll think about it.

junebee said...

Now THAT'S deep discount! Getting blog readers to do interior decorating for you!

Here via the Dancing Kumquat.