Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Living Room Wall, Stage II

On the Wall Since my last post on the subject, I've made about 60 of the little tiles (shown here) to go into the mosaic on my wall. I figured that was about enough to start actually putting them up, so I did. It was just about enough to sketch out the main arcs of the pattern, so there's lots of space still to fill in. I've only put green tiles up so far. I've got a few blue ones as well, but I'm undecided about how those will fit in. Also, the curve of the smallest arc probably needs adjusting. But anyway, stuff is up and it's looking good so far.


Lacey said...

Very cool! I can't wait to see it all fleshed out, and in person. Make sure to leave room for one or two tiles from me! (I just have to get my act together and make them!)

Tandava said...

Oh, there will be plenty of space left for you, don't worry. The second 60 I make will go a lot slower than the first. :-)