Saturday, April 05, 2003

Friday Night Waltz was much fun. Joan taught a one-step class beforehand and included a double-time grapevine move, Fred & Ginger style. Wow that was good! That's going to be my favorite trick for a while. I managed to follow 2.5 of my 3 swing dances, thanks to Kim, Kari and George. Annaka and I kept up our tradition of waltzing in time to the finale of the super fast Strauss waltz. Bob and I made a cha-cha into a polka, which sort of worked. Oh, and I even had a good tango, with Jennifer. I was surprised at myself -- I don't often do tango and it is generally rather difficult for me. I was also watching my partner-picking habits, in light of my last post. I did dance a lot with the friends I usually dance with, so no surprise there. I also managed a few dances with people I know but somehow don't end up dancing with very often (there are always people like that -- I don't know how it happens). And I even danced with a few people I didn't know very well or at all, though not as many as maybe I should have. It occurs to me that when you're finding new people to dance with, it's kind of nice to actually do a few dances with them over the course of an evening, if possible. You can only get a sense of a person so much from just one dance. I think only one stranger asked me to dance. Anyway, it was all a very fun evening, though I am a bit sore and it's bed time now.

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