Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Romanian Tunes

Okay, one more post from the trip. Since I had my mandolin with me and a fair bit of downtime at the orphanage, I ended up writing a couple tunes. The Rowan Tree and The Carpathian Foothills, both in F# minor, a key I've been wanting to do something with for a while. Here they are, if you're interested.

The Rowan Tree
The Carpathian Foothills

I also made a quick recording of them (MP3, 3.2 MB). After messing around for way too long trying to get my computer to record nicely from my microphone, I didn't feel like doing a ton of takes. But it does the job.


Moonstruck Girl said...

Heyyy Graham :)

Lovely of you to put up the notes.. I will try them on the violin and put up the file :)


Tandava said...

Cool, I'll look forward to hearing your rendition. I find them harder on fiddle, but that's not my strongest instrument anyway (and I do tend to write things that are specifically fun to play on mandolin).