Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Next Book in the Universe

Today I finished recording my first audiobook for Books Aloud, just in time before I leave for Romania. It's cool to have finished it, though I wish I could listen to the whole thing to hear how it turned out, e.g. to see how consistent I was with character voices, etc. (I think something I signed at the beginning said they wouldn't/couldn't give me copies of what I record.) Now the recording is going off to someone else who will transfer the whole thing to cassette tapes, since most of the patrons are blind and therefore have an easier time with tapes than CDs. I'm not sure how long it will take to actually make it into circulation.

They also gave me the next book I'll be reading: another young adult novel called The Last Book in the Universe, by Rodman Philbrick. (Hopefully it won't be the last book I read, though.) I've read a bit of it so far, and the story seems reasonably intriguing, though some of the post-apocalyptic slang feels a bit forced.

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Moonstruck Girl said...

Hi Graham,

I've been meaning to write to you ever since I read your blog on the Vipasana Meditation. Just got around to doing it today. It must have been a wonderful experience, isn't it? :) I do the meditation twice a day, once as soon as I wake up and once just before I hit the sack. I usually combine it with a creative visualization technique, keeps me at peace :) And yes! I am on a sabbatical again :P Remember how I blogged once about how difficult it is to go on a sabbatical in India without being questioned about it when you go back to the corporate world? I decided to go ahead anyway :) And so I am working freelance for a bit and taking time off :) I'll keep coming back to check your posts.. by the way, do you intend to head to India anytime?