Saturday, February 02, 2008

Meet Iris

Iris Well, after a pretty stressful week (I hate car shopping) I am now the proud owner of a 2001 Ford Focus. It's the ZX3, which is the 2-door hatchback model, like Gloria though a bit larger. I named her Iris for the eye association with "Focus." She's blue, which can be a good eye color, and her interior is gray, which fits more with the color of the word "iris" itself. So I think it'll work. I kind of feel like she might need a last name too, but I haven't thought of one.

She has very low mileage (about 68k) and is in pretty good shape with most of the things that matter. Fairly new tires and brakes, other maintenance up to date, etc. There are some dents and scratches on the side and bumpers, but that concerns me less as it's more just cosmetic. The interior was a bit dirty and dog-hairy, but I took it to a car wash and got it a thorough scrubbing, which took care of that. I'm pretty happy about the sound system, which is all wired up for an iPod -- no more extra cassette adapters or power cords! And with all that, the price came in about $1000 under what AAA gave me, and under what some of the other Focuses I had looked at were running for. Good deal.

Update: I had been lamenting the fact that Iris didn't have a theme song the way Gloria did, but then I realized she actually does. "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls is one of my favorite waltzes (with pivoty zweifacher bits in it, no less). Yay!


Lacey said...

Hooray! What a lovely color, and a good name -- all sorts of positive connotations with sight and vision. :)

Tandava said...

Oh yeah, and speaking of connotations, the previous owners had referred to her as "the Blue Bubble." A little too pop-able for my taste in cars. :-)

Anonymous said...

As an employee of the company that designed and built Iris, I'd like to thank you for your purchase. Not a new purchase, true, but not one with the competition, either. Thank you! I hope she brings you many miles of trouble free (and accident free) service. (If you ever are in the market for a new vehicle, I'm sure we could get you a discount.)

Quena said...


love you and can't wait to meet Iris!

Anonymous said...

What a fab colour and in the Uk the Ford Focus has been the biggest selling car for years, I'd say a good choice