Friday, November 02, 2007

Zappy Zappy

Various factors in my life have recently converged to get a certain something off my "someday" list: LASIK. Yesterday I went to the highly recommended Dr. Scott Hyver for a consultation, and next Friday I will be going under the laser and then throwing away my glasses. So I have a week to get over as much of the lingering squeamishness as possible. That part's going pretty well so far, though.

In terms of motivation for this, I've never had much of an opinion on glasses aesthetically one way or the other (so I've stuck with them over contacts just because it seems easier). For me, it's all about independence. With either glasses or contacts, I'm completely reliant on external, breakable, losable objects for one of the most vital means of relating the world. If my glasses were to break, I'd have trouble just getting myself home safely, much less doing anything else. That would be a pain three miles from here at work, or much worse traveling somewhere on the other side of the world. Freedom from that worry and dependency is the gift I'm giving myself here. I expect real peripheral vision will be pretty cool too, especially for dancing.

So... if for any reason you liked seeing me in glasses, get your looks in this next week while you still can. Maybe I should shave my head out of season, too, just to really confuse people. :-)


Lacey said...

Wow, you're really going to do it, huh? Good for you! I am thankful to have been blessed (so far, at least!) with good vision, so I know that I can't truly relate to your decision-making process, but I congratulate you for reaching the decision, and look forward to dancing with you and your newly independent eyes! (Not independent from each other, of course... just from the glasses.)

It will be strange to see you without glasses, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Are you going to take before and after photos? :P

Kimmy said...


Tandava said...

I was thinking of doing before and after photos. I might just get them taken care of ahead of time... who'd know the difference. :-)