Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Scream for Flavor Suggestions

Is it ready yet? I finally got myself an ice cream maker this weekend, which I'd been meaning to do for a while now. Yes, I know summer is mostly over, but it was still so crazy hot this weekend I figured it was better late than never. And I'm happy to eat ice cream year 'round anyway.

So far I've made two flavors, both quite yummily successful. First was cinnamon-cardamom, from a recipe in one of the Moosewood cookbooks. (Thanks, Cass!) Second was nectarine, which I did with just a basic strawberry recipe and the obvious substitution.

Now it's ready Not sure what's coming up next. A couple things I've been thinking of for a while are lemon-rose (inspiration from a rose garden in Stockholm) and red tea (since I know there's green tea ice cream, but I like red tea better). I'm also wondering if there's a way to make a spicy chocolate ice cream. Would that work as well as spicy hot cocoa does? I'm having trouble imagining a spicy cold thing, but who knows.

I'm more than open to other suggestions, though, so leave a comment with your ideas!


cristie said...

The mexican chocolate flavor of ice cream at Marianne's is one of my favorites. :) More cinnamony than hot, but you could add in some nice chile in there, I'm sure! So really, I'm just giving my vote for trying the spicy chocolate. :)

Lacey said...

Hooray for ice cream makers! I've been wanting to get one myself, but we've had such a weird (as in, not hot) summer here that I just haven't quite done it yet.

How about peppermint ice cream? I've always liked that, but it's only ever available in stores around Christmas time. It would be fun if you could make it yourself year-round. The lemon-rose sounds really good, too, though, and I'll bet the red tea turns out pretty neat. Have fun experimenting! :)


Coila said...

Ice cream maker!?! FUN!! I recommend rum-flavored coconut ice cream. I find you can substitute 3/4 the amount of half and half for coconut milk and then I used 1/4 the amount of half and half just to be safe as well as the regular amount of whipping cream. That, and a tablespoon of coconut extract (and a tablespoon of rum), makes a great coconut ice cream. Top it off with crushed pineapples and you've got quite the treat! :D

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Berty Botts could offer some flavour suggestions? As far as cold spicy goes, I think it would work well, kind of like Icy/Hot for the taste buds.

Christine said...

So just recently I was introduced to BiRite Creamery in the Mission (apparently I've been hiding under a rock on the peninsula). It's been around for a bit but I never knew about it - the most interesting flavors I've tried from them are lavender honey and salted caramel. If you're up for something different to try, taste, and then make, go for those! I'd gladly be a tasting guinea pig for you any day!