Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ireland, in Limericks

Usually, Limerick's in Ireland, but we'll go the other way here, since I did chronicle my trip in limericks. Enjoy.

Oh, the Long Room at Trinity's a sight,
That librarians dream of at night.
But good luck a-huntin'
For the titles you're wantin' --
They're arranged alphabetically by height!

If ceilís confuse you no end,
Just take heart, pay heed, and attend.
From the Limerick walls,
'Till besieged Ennis falls,
We'll dance them again and again.

A young Irish dancer named Sorcha,
Had a name with an int'resting quir-ika,
With the centermost syllable,
Completely invisible,
I've not seen the like in Amurica. *

Oh, the water in Galway's no jest --
It'll put your good health to the test.
Then you'll drink pesticides,
Just to cleanse your insides,
Of your cryptosporidium guest.

Tara, Newgrange and Monasterboice
Together make my tour of choice,
For throughout Brú na Bóinne,
There's nuthin' annoyin' ya,
While there's much about which to rejoice. **

When Mel Gibson was Braveheart to be,
'Twas to Wicklow, not Scotland, went he.
For the Minister of Arts,
Had filled soldiers' parts,
With the whole Irish Army, for free.

'Round Slea Head I needed no guide,
Just my new hired bike by my side.
Though it remains to be seen,
If I've ruptured my spleen,
From the fifty kilometer ride.

When hiking the Cliffs known as Moher,
I wish I'd put sunblock all o'er.
Crossing fields and streams,
I saw views from my dreams,
But got toasted by quarter past four.

- - - - -
* There are no real rhymes that I could think of for "Sorcha," I'm afraid. I really wanted to make a limerick with rhymes that were audible but not visible, though, so this is kind of a hack.

** You have to squeeze the "Tara" into the pickup beat on this one.

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Saoili said...

Heh, I like my limerick, despite the somewhat questionable rhymes :)