Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Musical Snapshot

Every once in a while I fire up Last.fm and see what it has to offer in terms of new musical recommendations. It tends to be pretty hit and miss, with rather more misses than hits, but it does occasionally come up with some good ones. The three memorable ones this time around were:
  • Hank Williams, Sr. - Honky Tonk Blues
  • Reel Big Fish - She Has a Girlfriend Now
  • The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Their choruses have been vying with each other for the title of Alpha Earworm for the last few days, which is kind of a weird sensation, since they're all pretty different. The other-worldly female vocal line in Bigmouth may be pushing that one into first place, but the one yodel in Honky Tonk sounds pretty funny interrupting it periodically.

Anyway, that's what the inside of my head sounds like right now. Anyone else have some other recommendations they want to throw my way?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Fall. There's some videos on You Tube.

Fool's Gold by the Stone Roses.

Also, How Soon is Now by The Smiths.

Would like to hear how you get on.