Friday, December 09, 2005 Getting Better?

I logged in to for the first time in a while last night, and they've changed up a bunch of stuff since I saw it last. I haven't done an exhaustive investigation yet, but I like what I've seen so far. In particular, several old pet peeves are now (finally) solved:
  • Links have been unjavascriptified, so you can do normal link things with them, like open them in new windows/tabs, etc.
  • It might be possible to link directly to particular books now (try it out on one of my favorites). I've been having mixed luck with it though, and I think my browser cookies are confusing the issue, so I'm not sure. Try it. It's kind of sad when something like that would be an improvement, rather than taken for granted, but oh well.
  • The ridiculous session timeout (which didn't even require you to sign in again, but just screwed up your navigation) doesn't seem to happen anymore.
  • Sound samples now open in a little flash player in a new window, rather than making me download a RealAudio file and play it in another app.
Unfortunately, downloading is still kind of messed up. They still don't give plain old links that I can right-click and save-as, which means Safari opens them in iTunes automatically, even if I just want to save them. I need to go through Firefox and get prompted for each one if I don't want my iTunes interrupted while I'm listening to something else.

Anyway, though, it looks like they're on the right path. Hopefully they'll keep going.


...e... said...

they still rip people of with impugnity. they just took back three credits i had ALREADY PAID FOR, despite assuring me that i could use them at any time. don't go to audible.comm, it's a terrible model for web 2.0 commerce.

Anonymous said...

Probably you can try some other non-subscription base audio book web sites such as, where you only pay for the titles that you want.