Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thankful List

So before Thanksgiving weekend is entirely over, I wanted to put up a brief list of things I'm thankful for. Here are some of the top things in my mind as of 4:23 on a Sunday afternoon in November.
  • Family, both given and chosen, those that could get together for Thanksgiving and those that couldn't.
  • My seven-year-old cousin informing me that I can be a kid for as long as I want.
  • Finally getting to play a little bit of music this weekend, which I haven't done for a long time.
  • Reading most of The Phantom Tollbooth out loud to Miriam, Rebecca, Emily and Jen.
  • Revisiting other fun books that I haven't read in a long time (probably another post on this later).
  • Cartas de una querida amiga en Costa Rica.
  • Continuing Studies classes, so I never have to stop feeling like a student.
  • Completing an entire year as a permanent employee, and still enjoying my job.
  • One way or another, my novel will be done in two days. (Done! Yay!)
  • Having many wonderful things in my life to be thankful for.


Quena said...

Tu querida amiga en Costa Rica da gracias a las estrellas cada dia que tiene un amigo tan maravilloso como tu. :-)

Quena said...

And of COURSE you can be a kid for as long as you want. That's the very point of life ;-)