Thursday, October 21, 2004


This is just wonderful: The Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form. The only disappointment was to find that they are only working on a limited set of words at a time -- Aa to Ar right now. So I can't submit the entry I already had for "waltz" (and it'll probably be a very long time before I can). Still, I can see myself spending an inordinate amount of time writing limericks for this thing.


Quena said...

Hehe...I like your one on Hustle too :-D Love you!

Jeff said...

huzzah! more converts to the flock! five-line humorous verse is remarkably addicting. it's like the poetry analogue of potato chips--you can never write just one. we shall be commiserative limerick junkies.

two commis'rative limerick junkies,
that's us--the OEDILF has got flunkies.
but it could be lots worse
than composing short verse--
and i hear girls think poets are hunky.

Anonymous said...

'tis true! We CERTAINLY do think that ;-)

~a lovely girl

Lara said...

wow. that is just... wow.

that's all i can say about that.