Thursday, August 26, 2004

We Made It

Our flights yesterday were uneventful and we got here safely. The taxis and buses still weren't running, but at least they were no longer barricading the roads, so we managed to get back to Quena's house with the help of her tía who gave us all a ride. The house has a family of four, plus three students and a guest, and then us, so it's all very communal and friendly. There is also a very silly little dog. Today we're going to see Quena's school and some of San José, and then go bailando tonight. This weekend we'll probably take a trip out to Tortuguero to see the sea turtle nesting grounds. So anyway, not much to tell about yet, but we had to make a stop by an Internet Cafe this morning anyway, so I figured I'd put in a note. I will say, though, that I am uncommonly amused to see things like stop signs that say "Alto" and web browsers with buttons like "Atrás" and "Búsqueda." It's also interesting getting used to a slightly different keyboard. It even has a "ñ" key. Fun. Plus, of course, it's just exciting to be in a new country. But more stories about everything later.


Miriam said...

Wow, a real live post from Costa Rica!! Sounds like Casa Quena (<--see? I know Spanish!) is a truly cozy household, dropkick doggy and all. I wish you (retroactively) an entirely enjoyable trip to the sea turtle nesting grounds. I'm looking forward to stories (and pictures?) from that.

Becky said...

I spent one summer going back and forth between a unix (Sun) keyboard, an Apple keyboard from Dave's computer, and my own Windows keyboard. That was quite possibly one of the most frustrating things I've ever encountered - each keyboard has its own idiosyncracies and so you get used to using one and then have to retrain on a daily basis (or slow down) in order to prevent mistakes. Gah! And the keyboards here in Norway are a little amusing, too - they have extra vowels, and one right where the colon key (which I use all the time for smilies) is, so I get these really wierd looking sentences sometimes.
Sounds like Costa Rica's going to be awesome! I'm jealous and I hope you have a marvelous time, especially bailando :) Take lots of pictures!!