Monday, July 26, 2004

Harry Potter y la Orden del Fénix

I finally managed to finish Harry Potter book 5 in Spanish this weekend. It took me about a month to do all 893 pages of it. It was every bit as exciting the second time around, even in Spanish. I read it so fast when it came out a year ago that I'd lost a lot of the details by the time I started it again. So that was fun. I must say, though, that I found myself somewhat more disappointed with Harry in this book than I remember being in some of the others. I disliked things like how he handled (or didn't) the Occlumency lessons, or how he forgot about Snape being in the Order, or especially using the Crucio curse. That just wasn't cool, even if it was on Bellatrix LeStrange. Oh well. I think I probably just identify too much with Hermione, anyway.

I'm going to try to get something in Spanish for my next audiobook. Reading Harry Potter is all very good, but listening practice will probably be better for my upcoming Costa Rica trip. Of course, I should practice speaking Spanish, too. But I tend to have fewer chances to do that.


Quena said...

WOWZA Graham!! That´s a right good reading rate you´ve got there. Don`t rightly know if I could do that well :-) I can´t wait till you get here and we´ll speak spanish A LOT!!! :-) Love you!

zgirl said...

I read HP5 twice too and enjoyed every bit of it. And like you, I am dissapointed with Harry. What I don't like about the book is the ending, in which Sirius got killed and how Harry go blaming Snape.
I am re-reading book 3 now .. and can't wait for book 6 to be out.