Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My Good Deed for the Day

As I was coming up the stairs to work today, I came across a House Finch that thought it was an Office Finch. He had somehow gotten into the stairwell and was banging himself against the enormous window, trying to get out. With all that sun and sky visible through the glass, there was no way to convince him to go out the two doors necessary to actually get outside.

I managed to get really close, and I could even see how hard he was breathing and how scared he looked whenever it paused for a moment. So when he put his attention back to the window, I took off my jacket, snuck up on the bird, tossed it over him, and completely surprised myself by catching him on the first try. He took it pretty calmly, so I just gathered him up in the jacket, carried him outside and let him go.


Lacey said...

Hooray for Graham! Rescuer of finches! Three cheers for a successful saving! :) I'm sure the finch was very grateful, and showed it by flying off without a backward glance.

Kimmy said...

How nice! You told me this story earlier today, but reading it again gives me the warm fuzzies.

Steve said...

Good job Graham. I would have started making some scary bird sounds while flailing my arms uncontrollably above my head. All the while directing the bird to the nearest exit.

But I like your plan better.

Biz said...

The funny thing is, that Finch was me! (I occassionally turn myself into a Finch but today I did two stupid things 1) I forgot how to change back for a little while and 2) That caused me to panic so I just kept heading for the sky.) Thanks Graham, I owe you one. I'll be more careful next time. Great work!