Saturday, April 03, 2004

April Un-Fool's Day

The Friday Night Waltz last night didn't turn out to be a silly-song, April Fool's dance after all. I was kind of bummed, because Joan had mentioned doing that and I had been sending her lots of silly songs to dance to. Oh well. It was just a normal FNW, but luckily that still means it was a lots of fun. It's been moved to the same church as the contra dance, and I think we have a three-month trial period there before we find out if we can stay. Hopefully we will; it's a good spot.

Also not an April Fool's Joke: Gmail. It's real, in spite of Google releasing it on April 1st. I wore my new shirt (yes, of course we have Gmail shirts already) to the dance last night and found that it resulted in me meeting a lot more guys than I usually do at a dance. It was also a good way to find other dancers who I hadn't realized were also Googlers.

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